Mar 3, 2011


What's the accurate label for people who use Twitter. Twitterers? Twitterites? Twittereans? Tweeters?

Or maybe just Those Who Tweet?

Nonetheless, I feel oddly compelled to invite everyone who visits here to also sign up for my ramblings and recommendations over there. Not that you need more ramblings or recommendations filling up your day--god knows all our days are full enough already--but occasionally one of mine might interest you and make you want to share it with your friends.

Caveat: I am not a fan of karaoke, comma splices, Jersey Shore, and most politicians (with the possible exceptions of Barbara Boxer and Rudy Giuliani at very select times during his first term as mayor of New York) and my Tweets sometimes reflect that. It might be good to know this in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises later.

If you're wondering what my gripe is with Jersey Shore, it's that I already went to high school with all those people in 1982 so I know what they're going to say pretty much all of the time.

Yes, I was surprised by how little has changed in 29 years, too.

Anyway, I'm @hopeedelman. See you here and there.


Emilia @ Run for Your Life said...

Haha I went to college with some of them at Hofstra, too.

Already following! I'm @emmiemarieB :)

Carrie Wilson Link said...

But "Jerseylicious" is really great. Don't ask me how I know.

Hope Edelman said...

You went to my high school?

kario said...

In our house, those who Tweet are affectionately called Twits. ;-)

Hope Edelman said...

Good one!

L said...

I "do" Facebook, and although I tweet (I AM a twit!) I don't visit the site I count on your blog and such for slices of your life!