Mar 4, 2010

Write By the Beach

It's been a couple of years since I last taught private writing workshops--mostly because motherhood and a book deadline and a tour didn't leave much time for quality teaching. But I've missed working with students terribly, and helping them tell their stories. The classroom is where I feel most comfortable, and there's truly nothing like helping a writer break through a creative barrier and start producing winning prose.

So I've just put two weekend workshops on the calendar, and I hope you'll consider joining me for one (or both!) of them.

The first is in Santa Monica, California, from Friday April 30 until Sunday May 2. This one is for writers of all levels, and will focus on helping you develop and perfect the nuts and bolts of creative nonfiction writing: detail, dialogue, narrative structure, characterization. Class time will be split between lectures, discussion and writing exercises. It's a perfect environment for anyone hoping to start a story of transformation, loss, triumph, or experience. Plus, it's held at the stunning art deco Georgian Hotel, right across the street from the beach.

Cost is $450, which includes breakfast Saturday and Sunday and a group dinner Sunday evening. Class size is limited to 12.

The second class will take place over Memorial Day weekend (Saturday through Monday) at my house in Iowa City. This one's for intermediate and advanced writers who have already embarked on a project. Emphasis will be on reading a discussing up to twenty pages of work per student, as well as on discussion of published authors' work.

Because this one's at my house I'm able to keep the cost down a bit--it's $375, which includes an outing to Prairie Lights bookstore and a group dinner Sunday night. Class size is limited to 8, which is the most I can fit around the dining room table.

Information about both workshops is online here. Registration is still by invitation only; if you'd like to receive forms, please email me at

And another! If you want to try the personal essay, I've just signed up to teach a one-day workshop on essay writing May 20 through in Los Angeles. Information will be available online soon. Check back here for details.

Finally--as always, I'll be teaching two weeklong workshops at the Iowa Summer Writing Festival in July. One is on writing Family Memoir, and the other on Writing About the Extraordinary. The catalog is now online and registration is open. Sign up soon, though, because classes there tend to fill up fast.

Hoping to see you at one or another class, or any other time soon--



Just One Foot said...

I would SO love to sit at your kitchen table! That seems like a dream. This year we are gearing up to send our first child to college so I don't think I can swing it financially. But I will trust that you will hold another meeting around your kitchen table, maybe next summer(?), and I can be there for that one. In the meantime I'll just keep plugging away.
Thanks for taking the time to teach.


Carrie Wilson Link said...

I want to go to all of them!