Oct 31, 2009

The Thing About Airports

Well, a couple of things about airports.

Carpeted hallways are much, much better than tiled ones. Way less noisy, and less likelihood you will slip and almost break your laptop while running to make a connecting flight.

Those little golf carts with the blinking light in front and the siren...how come I never notice them until they're just about to run me over?

I'm not convinced boarding people by groups speeds the process up at all. It might keep people from fighting for position, though I've only ever seen that happen in Tel Aviv.

Any coffee company other than Starbucks is a welcome sight.

Air blowers in the bathroom: are they really necessary?

Portland has the best airport stores. Los Angeles has the nicest Admiral's Club. At Cedar Rapids, you almost never have to wait in a line, and your bag is likely to get the single baggage carousel before you do.

If you leave anything on the plane like, say, the four decorated Halloween cookies you bought in Iowa City to bring home for your daughters in L.A.--forget it. They're already gone.


Carrie Wilson Link said...

Sorry about the cookies, nice effort, though! And yes, Portland has the best stores AND the carpet! (And Coffee People.)

Diana said...

Just heard your interview on Manic Mommies, and just bought your book from Amazon. I haven't read it yet - but I still wanted to write and say "you're not nuts" and a pox on anyone who says you are. you did what you felt was best for YOUR kid, and very carefully do not advocate any one else following in your foot steps. I'm looking forward to reading the book.