Sep 22, 2009

Topanga Book Release Party, September 20

What great fun was had on Sunday! Nearly 100 people showed up for the launch party for The Possibility of Everything, followed by a community event in Topanga for about another 25 readers. So many thanks go to Bill Buerge, owner of the Topanga Mermaid, for hosting the event; to Village Books for being our local independent on-site bookseller; The Boxer Cafe for delicious food; Monica Holloway for the hilarious and heartfelt toast; Jamie and Julia for all the organizing; Wendy for help with the drinks; and all the friends who came to celebrate with us. Special thanks to the fabulous women in my writing group for standing with me in front of the huge fireplace and talking about their experience helping me shape the story for the past two years. Especially Deborah, our resident skeptic, who revealed that although I hadn't quite yet convinced her in the Possibility of Everything, I've opened her up to the Possibility of More.

That's me in the photo with Katie O'Laughlin, the owner of Village Books in Pacific Palisades and champion of local authors, and Rachel Resnick, fellow Topanga writer and author of the powerful memoir Love Junkie, out in paperback now.

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Carrie Wilson Link said...

I would have paid big money to hear that toast of Monica's. I'm laughing just imagining it!