Sep 6, 2009

September 15, Everyone's Big Day

The publication date for The Possibility of Everything is September 15--in nine days!--which sounds like a fine day to me.

Turns out, it's a fine day for a whole list of other authors as well.

It's the day Dan Brown's new book hits stores, as well as Jacqueline Mitchard's new novel, No Time To Wave Goodbye, which is the sequel to the blockbuster first Oprah pick The Deep End of the Ocean. Jon Krakauer's new nonfiction book about the football star turned solider who died in Afghanistan also comes out that day. And a novel about Jane Austen and sea monsters. I kid you not.

My editor says all this is good good good, since it'll drive a lot of extra traffic into bookstores that week. I'm thinking that the best I can hope for is that spouses of Dan Brown fans will be wandering aimlessly though the stores, waiting for their husbands' pre-orders to be brought to the front registers, when a bright blue butterfly on the cover of a new memoir catches their eyes.

Unless they're already skimming Jacqueline Mitchard's book, which they should be, because it's wonderful.

It's going to be a very, very busy and interesting week, next week.

Stay tuned.


Stefán Helgi Stefánsson said...

Dear Hope...Im truly exited for you..Is there any change you would write me and give me your emil.
My name is Iris and Im from Iceland. I have your books and I need to ask you about few things that Im doing myslef. my emil is

Wish u all the best and I do belive the beautiful butterfly will draw attention :-)

Hope Edelman said...

Thanks, Iris. I think you're the first reader in Iceland I've heard from--very exciting! I'll email you directly from That's the easiest way to reach me.
All best,

Carrie Wilson Link said...

I think it's auspicious you're releasing that day! BIG authors with a BIG author! I've got a good number of people ordering/heading out to buy the book.

Eat your heart out Dan Brown.