Sep 27, 2008

Crickets, crickets everywhere

Last night, when all humans in the house were sleeping, Timmy the cat knocked the cricket house off the bookshelf next to Billy Bob's cage (when you keep a pet tarantula, you also have to keep its feed alive, don't ask), and they all escaped. So now six crickets are at large on the ground floor of our house, and they're all chirping at the same time since the sun went down. It's utter pandemonium over here.


Anonymous said...

Feeding live animals to other animals is cruel and immoral. Why do you need a tarantula anyway? What about those live crickets, don't they deserve to live? I would think that somebody who lost her mother to an early death would understand the value of LIFE. All live, not just human life. Go get a cat or a dog and save a shelter animal from death.

Hope Edelman said...

Every now and then I get emails or comments from people who think that because I lost my mother and wrote a book about it I should be this way, or that way, as an adult. Truth is, I'm just a regular person, with ideas that others don't always agree with. That means I'm often not what people expect me to be. Sorry 'bout that.

But ouch, I'm not someone who doesn't understand the value of LIFE, in capital letters. That's pretty harsh. Truce!