May 4, 2012

New Survey for Motherless Daughters Online

Are you a woman who lost her mother before age 16? Would you be willing to help a psychology trainee in Surrey, England, with her research? This quick online survey will help further research in parental bereavement. I took a look at it and it's designed very sensitively. I'd take it myself except I was 17 when my mother died. Please participate if you're interested!


Trisha said...

Hope, I started taking this survey but stopped at the first page with the question about remaining with my surviving parent.

To answer "no" would have been factually true but not right, see, my parents died together.

This is the second such survey I have tried to participate in and its disappointing to me to hear psyche studies make assumptions that since Momma died, therefore Daddy's alive.

Sabine Muir said...

My colleague and I just had a discussion being motherless yesterday. My mother died when I was two and a half, my colleague was aged 5. It really has affected us both.
She highly recommended your book and is bringing it into work on Monday, for me to read. I am really looking forward to it.
I am a children's novelist and my latest novel is about a young girl coming to terms with her mother's death. I guess it is a bit autobiographical.
I live in Scotland and would be very interested in taking part in this survey, if you would kindly pass on the details.
Kind regards,
Sabine Muir

Jessica Wayne said...

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