May 8, 2011

On the Occasion of Mother's Day

Wishing you all a most beautiful and peaceful Mother's Day, in recognition of those of you whose continuous and loving efforts will create our next citizens of the world. And with thanks to you for sharing the steps of your journey with the rest of us who so benefit from your experiences and stories.

I know this is a solemn day for those of us who've lost mothers, and I'd like to recognize those who have passed as well. This July will mark the 30th anniversary of my mother's death, and there hasn't been a Mother's Day since then when I haven't thought of her, missed her, and been grateful for what she did give me in our short time together. So on this day I'd also like to honor the mothers who are no longer with us, and acknowledging that we are all part of the strong and varied chain of female experience.

With gratitude and admiration for us who are doing the work, and all who have done it in the past,



Fern said...

Today is the beginning of what I call "grief season". It begins with Mother's Day, then her birthday and in July the anniversary of her death. Never an easy day for me, no children or family to distract from my feeling, but I appreciate your message to all of us.


Anonymous said...

Hey Hope,
Next week, 5/14 will mark 20 years since my mom's death. Always a rough month considering I was a waitress and had to wait on other people mothers on Mothers Day. Some how I made it through though. I'm pretty proud of myself looking back on those days.
I'm very grateful for your blogs and your books.
Together we can all be stronger for each other, and you Hope, have brought us all together. You've done an amazing thing.
Happy mothers Day.

Unknown said...

Thank you Hope Edelman. You paved a road where no roads existed.
I may not be able to speak for all motherless daughters, but I am quite sure that many will agree with me. Thank you from all the Motherless daughters out there, your book helped us understand when we where not able to understand ourselves. And as one of your fans said "we are not alone".

sandy said...

Just a few weeks ago was the 30th anniversary of my mother's death. I can't believe how it's been so long, yet feels like it was just yesterday. Just a few weeks before the anniversary my daughter celebrated her 10th birthday, she is now a year older than I was when my mother passed. I now struggle with how to really mother her. I felt like such a great mother until that 9th birthday. It's as if I wasn't mothered after age 9 so I'm feeling clueless as to how to handle her. I'm constantly preparing her for a life without me, not explicitly saying that to her of course. It's so hard!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Hope. I wish I knew when my mother was born. I know she died at age 31 in November of 1952. I was six years old. My cruel, narcissistic father told me that it was none of my business when she was born, etc. Through the abuse and neglect, the sweet memories of my mother helped me survive. A wonderful, successful son, my doctorate and career, two failed marriages which probably could have been predicted, and now retirement and animal rescue. Not close to fabulous but good overall. Happy Mothers Day to Virginia Heide Layton, my mother. I love you every day. Pamela