Jul 3, 2009


My dear friend Kamy Wicoff and her business partners just launched a new literary networking site for women authors, and I'm proud to be an Alpha member. It's open to any woman writer, published or not, and will serve as a support network for marketing and promotion of books, as well as an information and social site for fiction writers, memoirists, journalists, screenwriters, poets, bloggers, and writing students.

The tag line is SHE WRITES...she teaches, she tours, she reads, she markets, she promotes, she posts, she coaches, she networks, she invents, she creates, she obsesses, she sells, she signs, she strives, she needs help.

Which pretty much says it all. Especially the obsesses part, in this house.

The site launched just on Monday and in four days already more than 800 writers have joined, proving that when an urgent need is identified, if you build a site for it, they will come. Evidently, in droves.

Congratulations Kamy, et al!!

Here's the link. If you are a woman writer, you don't want to miss this. I think it's going to be huge.



JesPlayin said...

I just had to come and find you after obtaining a copy of your book 'Motherless Mothers.' I happened upon your book by chance. I haven't even gotten through chapter 1 yet and I'm already having breakthroughs. My mother passed away during childbirth (of what would've been her 3rd child, I'm the first) when I was 9 years old in Nigeria. I am now a mother of 3, and my oldest who is a girl, will be turning 9 next march. I have now outlived my mother by 5 years, and over the past year I've been experiencing anxiety about life in general. There is so much more to my story, but I won't make this already long comment even longer. Unlike some of the experiences in the book, I feel like I've been sleepwalking through the past 28 years, and I'm just now starting to wake up and just now starting my mourning process. That's the only difference I can see so far. Otherwise, I am a textbook case of the phenomenon as expresssed in the the 8 signs/commonalities of motherless daughters . I had no idea that there was even any kind of book/research/interest on this subject. Thank you so much for this book, and the previous one, which I also plan on reading.

Hope Edelman said...

Thanks, JesPlayin! It's really great of you to write. And I'm so glad the book has resonated for you. It has a way of landing in the hands of people right when they're ready to read it. I'm not sure how that works, but it's true.